9 reasons why you should plan an Egypt trip in 2024

9 reasons why you should plan an Egypt trip in 2024

Hey, do you imagine yourself soaking up in the sun, cruising down a cool river, and exploring ancient temples, and that too at an affordable price? If yes, then this is your sign to visit Egypt in 2024 with the best travel agency in Egypt - Kadmar Travels. Not Convinced? Let us help you decide why!

Here are 9 reasons why you should plan an Egypt trip in 2024 :-

1. Explore New Museum

Get the chance to explore the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is expected to open this year. This huge museum will be jam-packed with more than 1 lakh extraordinary artifacts, including King Tut's blinged-out treasures. This museum will give you an unreal experience with its stuff, like rooms filled with gold and mummies telling history that will blow your mind away.

2. Famous Pyramid Power

A true masterpiece by ancient Egyptians. You are coming to Egypt and not exploring those world-famous pyramids in Gaza is a total waste of money! These mind-blowing ancient structures have been there for ages, adding a "WOW" element to the beauty of Egypt. The Valley of the Kings - is another charm to visit among all other giants.

3.  Grand Temples

The mesmerizing temples of Egypt deserve a special mention among all other mind-blowing structures. Visiting these religious templates will take you to the next level of spirituality and mythology aligned with day-to-day life in ancient Egypt. The temples of Luxor, Karnak, Edfu, and Dendera are must-visit temples, and the best way to reach them is via Nile cruise. 

4. Mouthwatering Cuisine

Egyptian cuisine has its own kind of flavours and uniqueness having super aromatic spices. Egypt has something to offer, be it vegetables, legumes, fruit, or seafood. In Cairo, you can experience a traditional touch of food on local streets. Whether you are a pure vegetarian or a nonvegetarian, you can have bread, cheese, pizza, and meat as per your taste and preferences. So, there are no disappointments for food varieties.

5. Ancient and Modern Culture

Although Egypt is known for its history, modernized Egypt is also worth visiting with its new culture. The new and old zones of Cairo offer a fascinating balance between years-old history and a bustling modern metropolis. You can learn more about Egypt's recent past from local journalists and political experts if you want to. Honestly, if you are an ancient culture enthusiast, Egyptian Culture has a lot more to offer its visitors.

6. Exciting Desert Adventures

The Western desert is one of Egypt's oriented dishes. Being part of the Sahara, it possesses approximately one-third of the country. This landscape is surrounded by oases, olive groves, and even waterfalls, which makes your trip even more thrilling and wholesome. The best time to visit this place is usually around summer (July and August), but beware: the temperatures usually surpass 40ºC (104° F).

7. The Vibrant & Lovely Markets: 

Egypt's vibrant markets are so lively and amazing with their own features. Souks (Markets) help you dive deeply into Egyptian culture. Here, every corner has a unique aromatic fragrance of freshly ground spices like saffron, coriander, and cumin. Vendors proudly showcase their goods of various varieties, including hand-woven rugs and detailed carvings to traditional clothing sets and jewelry items, which makes the market even more unique and worth exploring.

8. Expert Egyptologists

Egypt itself is a mystery, and experts keep studying its history. Egyptologists are dedicated to analyzing old Egyptian history, art, architecture, language, and more. If you are visiting, these experts will help you navigate through the history of Egypt, including Nile cruises and Sahara adventures.

9. Experience the best Diving

Egypt is a world-famous destination for aquatic adventures apart from its huge deserts and beautiful monuments. The Red Sea is famous for its lively coral reefs and exceptionally clear waters, offering perfect conditions for a surreal diving experience. If you plan to visit Egypt’s coast in the summer (avoiding hot weather), you will experience sparkling sunlight and the best visibility. If diving and snorkeling are your preferences, you can choose to spend your days exploring underneath the sea’s surface.

Last words -

Egypt is nothing but a motherland of stunning visuals, wonders, and history that will blow your mind away. From Gaza Pyramids, Giants Museums, and Stunning Temples, 2024 has multiple new things to offer you a divine experience. In short, 2024 is the perfect time to visit Egypt. To make the most of your trip, it is always best to go for a travel agency in Cairo, Egypt that can double your overall experience.

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