Capturing the Royal Legacy of Egypt

Capturing the Royal Legacy of Egypt

Does the sand fascinate you a lot? Or the Pyramids we used to see in the cartoon in your childhood. If you have a big yes or yes, then you have a reason to travel to Egypt at least once in your lifetime. Make your reservation for your Egypt tour prior for hassle-free planning if you're searching for an amazing experience! An unlimited array of exciting things to do in Egypt will take your breath away. There are tons of things to explore in Egypt.

Egypt offers a plethora of activities for the more daring tourists. The destination provides something for everyone, whether you want to go on a sunset boat along the Nile River, wander around the breathtaking Aswan Botanical Gardens, or even have dinner at a fancy restaurant by candlelight! Egypt offers something exciting for every kind of traveler, and it will be even more amazing if you choose the best travel agency in Egypt for your Egypt tour package. 

We have compiled a list of some of Egypt's most essential and must-do activities to ensure that your vacation is exciting and unforgettable. 

Things You Can't-Miss in Egypt 

If you are a first-time traveler on Egypt tour packages, let's keep up with the basic and exquisite itinerary which includes a Nile cruise, the ancient treasures of Luxor along with the Pyramids of Giza. 

However, Egypt has many more thrilling things to offer, which we will cover so you can enjoy the most of your Egypt tour package. So, take the creamy layer, hike to the summit of Mount Sinai, scuba dive in the Red Sea, or venture out into the arid desert to see the oases. You can't miss these activities at any cost in Egypt, as without visiting these, consider your tour incomplete!

While reading this blog, please note that Egypt has more than its pyramids and temples, like no other place or country. It also has stunning sand dunes, distinct desert vistas, immaculate coral reefs, and opulent resort communities. 

  1. Explore Luxor By Hot Air Balloon

If you are traveling as a couple, this activity will amaze you as it is the most romantic and daring activity to include in your Egypt travel plans. Experience soaring above Luxor in a hot air balloon along with beautiful views of the historic sites of Thebes, such as the Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temple, and the Luxor Temple, 

  1. Visit the Pyramids of Giza

A journey to the Giza Pyramids is a must-do activity in Egypt. One of the best things you can experience is to witness the world-renowned ancient wonders; they should be on every tour or itinerary for a vacation to Egypt, but only if you have chosen the travel agency in Egypt. The pyramids, which stand tall against the backdrop of the desert, are evidence of the ancient Egyptians' prowess in engineering. The greatest of the three pyramids, the Great Pyramid, has elaborate corridors and chambers open for exploration. A camel ride across the Sahara Desert to get to the pyramids or even just seeing the Sound and Light Show in Egypt are adventurous things to do.

  1. Unleash Shopaholic at Khan el-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo

If you love shopping, nobody can stop you at The Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, which is a must-see when visiting Cairo! Not only does it offer a huge selection of distinctive collections, but it's also a treat for the tongue. This famous market is a dream come true for shopping lovers. Where you can get everything, including jewelry, handcrafted crafts, spices, and fabrics. It's the ideal place to fully immerse in Egyptian culture, and you can run a mile if you know how to bargain with ease and a charming smile. The bazaar dates back to the 14th century and is a historical landmark and shopping paradise. 

  1. Scuba Diving at Hurghada 

You can build your adrenaline level by experiencing the best scuba diving at Hurghada, a small fishing town in Egypt. Here, you can see the wonders of colorful fish and coral. Certified divers can opt for daily diving, and inexperienced divers can opt for intro diving. You can also enjoy underwater photography while diving here because of the beautiful wrecks and visibility.

  1. Egyptian Museum

Without visiting the Egyptian Museum, your tour will be incomplete, and if you are a history geek, then it's a perfect place to understand Egypt's complex cultural and social aspects of their people. It showcases a unique collection of artwork spanning 5,000 years and is a magnificent example of an engineering marvel. Here, you can witness the artifacts, mummies, thrones, masks, and everyday objects used by the ancient pharaohs while exploring this Egyptian museum. 

  1. Qarun Lake Boat Ride

Boating on Qarun Lake is one of the top family-friendly activities and is undoubtedly a romantic thing to experience in Egypt. You will  witness a savor of nature and take in the breathtaking vistas while on this boat ride. During this journey, a tourist guide will go with you to provide more information about the local sights and customs.

Since the lake is a significant bird region and a wintering place for migratory birds, you can also enjoy bird watching while sailing the boat.

  1. Climb Mount Sinai For a Sunset View

Climbing Mount Sinai to witness the magnificent dawn from its peak is one of the most fascinating activities in Egypt. Because of the covenant made there between Jesus and his followers, Mount Sinai is among the holiest sites in the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths.

You can also go on camel rides; you can reach the summit by camel as well. On the way up, there are plenty of "cafés" where you can enjoy authentic cuisine, drink tea, coffee, water, or food.

  1. Avenue of Sphinxes

Among the best things to do in Egypt is to visit the Avenue of Sphinxes, a significant commercial location in Luxor. The kings and queens used to stroll between Karnak and the Luxor temples, which are connected.

In ancient times, the causeway was adorned with approximately 1,350 sphinx statues. In a symbolic recreation of their marriage, the Egyptians paraded along this road during the Opet celebration, bearing statues of Mut and Amun.

  1. Cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave

A cave tour of Sanur Valley Cave, well-known for its breathtaking natural formations, patterns, and colors, is among the best things to do in Egypt. This karst cave was formed by groundwater seeping through the Galala Plateau's limestone.

The cave is 700 meters long, 15 meters deep, and 15 meters wide. The abundant calcium carbonate buildup in the caverns causes them to glitter when light is shone on their roof.

  1. Petrified Forest Protected Area

It is highly recommended that you stroll through the protected area of petrified woodland to learn more about Egypt's natural history. To protect the petrified fossils, it is a unique educational, touristic, and cultural destination.

Fossilized plants, flowers, fruit, and creatures from almost every geological era can be found in this nature reserve. In addition, unique reptiles, uncommon flora, birds, and creatures like red foxes call it home.

Bottom Line

Now that you have the top must-visit places in Egypt, why are you waiting to book the best Egypt tour packages from the best travel agency in Egypt? We know you are waiting for our recommendation, so this time, our suggestion returns to Kadmar Travel, known for its authentic and transparent policy. Their motto is to make your tour easy and memorable. 

Now book and head to Egypt and experience the royal legacy. 

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