Best Egypt Travel Deals to Save You Money

Best Egypt Travel Deals to Save You Money

Egypt is one of the popular destinations that serves lots of adventurous activities for the people. If you are planning to have an exciting holiday then what can be better than Egypt? It has one of the Seven Wonders, exquisite temples, grand ambience, beaches and many more. Whether you are planning a holiday with your beloved or a solo trip. Egypt budget tour will make you feel fresh and it will also allow you to enjoy some exciting activities like scuba diving and so on. The picturesque views will make you fall in love with this place. 

We never make any sort of compromise with the quality while offering the Egypt tour on budget. 

Egypt Budget Tour Packages ensure you the must-see destination and activities. If you adore ancient history, the allure of the desert, or are eager to explore bustling markets. We offer special travel deals to suit your preferences. The Giza Pyramids in Cairo, the Philae temple in Aswan and the Karna Ak, a temple in Luxor are the major attractions for visitors. 

Egypt budget tour packages: Best deal to avail 

The tour packages to Egypt will provide you with immense pleasure and a friendly experience. The adventurous activities won't make you feel regret at all. All you need to do is prepare your visa and leave everything to us. Kadmar Travel ensures you the best trip experience by offering Egypt budget tour packages

Popular destinations that it covers

The Egypt budget tour packages cover the must-visit destinations that are most popular. We cover the destination that you may likely miss while planning the tour by yourself. 

  • Cairo Cairo is the heart of Egypt because it has a Giza pyramid which is one among seven wonders. We allow you to discover the Egyptian museum, private and luxurious transportation and accommodation. 
  • Aswan  In Aswan, you can discover the high dam and Philae temple which is a cultural representation with grand ambience. Your trip would be worth the mesmerizing experience in Aswan. 
  • Luxury If you want to get more information about Egyptian culture then Luxor and Trip are worthwhile because of Karnak temple and Luxor temple. These are popular for their grand ambience and authenticity.

Hurghada  You can explore the beaches in Egypt at Hurghada. It would provide you with a relaxed experience. You can enjoy water sports and yacht trips at Hurghada. 


Kadmar Travels Egypt budget tour packages cover 10 days in Egypt. We never make any sort of compromise with the quality. What makes us preferable for you is the service that we offer at a reasonable price. 

The itinerary will cover the following schedule: 

Day1: Arrival to Cairo

Day 2: Day tour of Cairo

Day 3: Egyptian Museum Tour

Day 4: Arrival to Aswan

Day 5: Free day in Aswan

Day 6: Luxor day tour

Day 7: Arrival to Hurghada

Day 8: Beach Hurghada Day

Day9: Back To Cairo

Day10: Final Departure

Package coverage

What all the packages are gonna cover is something that makes them special for you. The package will cover your luxury private transportation, All visits to Cairo, Aswan and Luxor as mentioned in Highlights with English Tour Guide. It would cover the entrance fees. The meal is also an inclusion that provides desired comfort to visitors and meets their requirements. 

How to avail of the Best Egypt Travel Deals? 

If you are not known with the availing process then you should visit Admar travel websites and explore our Egypt budget tour packages. We ensure a safer journey for the visitors. Our packages cover almost everything that is required for a luxury trip. We cover accommodation for the meal in our packages. 

If you want a thorough trip to Egypt then choosing us is going to be a fair deal for you. Whether it is about enjoying the local market or to popular destinations. We offer you daily deals and the cost of packages may depend upon the number of staying days and the number of people. 


If you want a budget-friendly trip then kadmar travel is preferable for you because we got you covered by offering packages in which we ensure your luxury transportation and accommodation services. If you want a worthy trip to Egypt then Kadmar Travel is most recommended for you because we offer various deals to ensure a friendly experience.

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