All You Need To Know Before Planning Egypt Trip

All You Need To Know Before Planning Egypt Trip

Egypt is known for its mega-ancient history, which is rich and filled with culture and natural beauty. We suggest that everyone visit this country at least once in their lifetime. It is filled with so much knowledge, its people, its customs, and its serene beauty. 

In this blog, we have compiled your must-knows to make your Egypt trip more exciting and memorable. In brief, the Arab Republic of Egypt is officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt, its capital is Cairo, and its native language is Arabic. Let's dive deep into the important things that will kick-start your excitement to the next level. 

Best Time to Visit

If you are agreeably searching for an Egypt trip, you must have encountered different timings on various Egypt tours portal. We will simplify this big head problem for you. The best time to visit Egypt is October to April, with September and April being the least crowded. Tourism companies in Egypt are filled with too many tourists and visitors, especially in December and January. 

Popular tourist destinations were extremely congested, and costs were skyrocketing! Also, remember that December and January are very cold months in Egypt, so you should bring a jacket to Cairo and Luxor at the very least. Even though Aswan only became cold in the evenings, Egypt's wind was extremely frigid.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt 

First, I want to familiarize myself with the unique names of Egyptian cities, and yes, there is more to explore in Egypt than just Cairo. 

  • Cario is known for its attractions, including mosques in Islamic Cairo, churches in Coptic Cairo, museums, and the Khan El Khalili Market. The Holy Family—Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—hid in the synagogues and churches of Coptic Cairo while escaping the Roman Emperor. 

  • Aswan: One of Egypt's southernmost cities is Aswan. You will need to board an aircraft to reach it from Cairo. The Aswan High Dam, Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, Nubian Village, and the Felucca Ride on the Nile are among the sites in this area. However, the major draw for tourists to Aswan is Abu Simbel, a magnificent ancient Egyptian temple close to the Sudanese border.

  • Luxor: There is no reason to skip visiting Luxor. It's gorgeous, with an old-world feel, and not far from many historic temples and tombs. It is without a doubt our favorite place in Egypt!

  • Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Dahab are excellent Red Sea diving and snorkeling locations. The Red Sea is recognized as one of the world's top diving locations. If you're not adventurous, you can also unwind by the beach.

  • White Desert—These places are in Egypt's Western Desert, near the White Desert and Siwa Oasis. The Siwa Oasis is renowned for its amazing blue pools and ancient ruins, while the White Desert boasts a panorama unlike anything you've ever seen.

How much time is spent in Egypt

Determining this one takes time and effort. It depends on your interests, your choice of travel agency in Egypt, and the number of days you have available. We advise visiting Egypt for at least seven days. Ten days is great since you get to see a little bit of everything. Just one day before we left for India, your plans to follow Itinerary No. 6 were altered, and we ended up doing Itinerary No. 7 in Sharm El Sheikh. We are happy that we could enjoy Red Sea diving and snorkeling.

Do you need a guide all the time? 

You must use the services of an Egyptologist Guide to understand any of the sites in Egypt; another option is to ask for a guide from the travel agency in Egypt that you have hired, or you can visit the Egypt tours portal to get the idea. Egyptology is the scientific study of Ancient Egypt and its antiquities, and its specialists are essentially archaeologists, historians, linguists, or art historians. They can decipher writing on the walls of tombs and temples and read hieroglyphics. They will explain ancient Egyptian folklore's whos, whys, and hows. They are the only ones who can fully address all of your inquiries and are crucial in providing you with an understanding of Egypt. And you will have plenty, I promise 🙂

Under Budget or Break the Bank

Although Egypt is renowned for being a cheap country, traveling there is cheaper than you think. For a 15-day journey without foreign flights, we paid Rs. 2,90,000, or EGP 62,000. To receive more credit points, you can always look for the Egypt tours portal to get an extra discount or try different tourism companies in Egypt to get the best money deal. 

Food Advisory in Egypt 

You can taste numerous cultures on one plate because many nations have inspired Egyptian cuisine. Egypt offers many options for meat lovers, but fear not—vegetarians can also choose from various selections. And the must-try dishes are kebabs and kofta, Koshary, Shawarma Fatta, and Karkade. Last but not least, Turkish coffee. 

What to wear? 

Since Egypt is a Muslim nation, I advise traveling in modest apparel that covers your cleavage, knees, shoulders, and torso. While it gets extremely hot during the day, we have found that travelers wear anything and everything to tourist attractions. Wear light, breezy clothing. We recommend cotton shirts, baggy pants, maxi or midi dresses and skirts, and jumpsuits.

Egypt has a desert environment, although it may also get chilly at night, particularly in the winter months of December, January, and November. If you're going to the desert, bring a warm jacket; if you're going to a northern city like Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, or Luxor, bring a lighter jacket.

Go with Basic Learning

Egyptian Arabic is the language spoken there. A small percentage of Egyptians, primarily street vendors hoping to make a living off international visitors, are fluent in English. Others speak French to attract even more foreign customers. Knowing a few Arabic words is ideal for communicating with them occasionally. This will demonstrate your attempt to learn their language and make learning and speaking it enjoyable.

  • Hello = salaam ‘aleikum

  • Thank you = shukran 

  • No Thank you: La Shukran

  • Goodbye: ma’a salaameh

  • Let’s Go: Yalla.

Beware of Scams 

Egypt certainly has its fair share of obnoxious hustlers and con artists. You need to know how to handle them but remain composed and courteous. 

Carry your essential 

If you are planning a trip with your family, especially with kids, always carry basic medicine and a minimal first-aid box. Yes, a water bottle is always on your checklist. As the weather changes, you might need your essential medicines or the basics to keep you safe and healthy. 

Bottom Line 

We hope this blog is the ultimate guide for your next trip to Egypt. A country with so much knowledge and history always cherishes the tourists to visit again and again. For smooth traveling, always pre-book or pre-plan your entire trip via a tourism agency in Egypt or the original Egypt tours portal so that you can differentiate prices and itineraries from one another. Happy traveling!

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