Hospitals & Medical Care

Hospitals & Medical Care
Several hospitals in Egypt's major urban centres and popular tourist destinations adhere to international standards of care. While private hospitals entail relatively high treatment fees compared to Finnish norms, it is advisable to opt for their services. Notably, hospitals generally require proof of travel insurance coverage or a substantial deposit before initiating treatment. Comprehensive travel insurance is strongly recommended for travellers to Egypt.

Physicians in private Egyptian hospitals frequently possess overseas qualifications, particularly in hospitals situated within Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, and Sharm el Sheikh. Primary healthcare services are reasonably accessible, particularly in the aforementioned areas. However, access to specialized treatments may be limited in certain regions.

Most public hospitals do not accept foreign insurance documents for payment and expect cash transactions. When personally settling medical expenses, hospitals provide detailed receipts that can be submitted to insurance companies. Pharmacies similarly issue official receipts for purchased medications, typically featuring doctor details, name, consultation office and hospital contact information, including addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and website URLs.

Private medical facilities are available in key urban centres such as Cairo (notably, Anglo American Hospital Zamalek, As-Salam International Hospital Maadi, Dar Al Fouad Hospital Sheik Zayed, and Saudi-German Hospital Heliopolis) and Alexandria (German Hospital). English is frequently spoken by doctors, though nurses may have less fluency. Private hospitals often acknowledge foreign insurance documentation for payment. It is advised to inquire about this arrangement in advance.

Certain hotels in tourist havens like El Gouna and Hurghada may collaborate with local doctors, enabling the hotel to arrange medical assistance if necessary.

In case of emergencies, the ambulance hotline in Egypt is 123. However, response times may vary due to local conditions, including traffic congestion. Healthcare services in rural or less populous areas may lack sufficient resources, especially concerning advanced medical treatments.

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