How to tour Egypt on a budget?

How to tour Egypt on a budget?

Egypt is not just about Pyramids!

Yes, you read that right! The country has a lot more attractions and culturally important destinations that can fill a multi-month trip. Starting from ancient and unique Ramses statues in Abu Simbel to the chaotic camel market in Dawar, every corner of Egypt has some unforgettable visuals. But every trip demands hundreds of dollars; people like us think twice to afford the luxury to stay there for months but why should others have all the fun?

Well, that is why we are here today. We are going to break down some mind-blowing tips to make your Egypt tour worthwhile, which will not be harsh on your pocket and will also save you time. Let's see how you can explore Egypt like a pro and maximize your overall experience -

  1. Let's Accommodate First!

Hostels and Guesthouses: If you want to experience the best view, affordability, and comfort, don't think twice and move into the guest houses of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. We at Kadmar Travel ensure to offer you a vibrant hotel packed with some social activities and playful events that will help you connect with other visitors and share each other's journey (all affordable & cost-effective). In addition to this, if you want to experience more privacy during your trip, you can prefer basic hotels.

  1. Time for Transportation

Public Transport or Flights: Trains are a pocket-friendly and easy way to travel from one place to another. While visiting Egypt, you can save on your transportation costs by adopting the mode of transport of trains on longer routes, such as from Cairo to Luxor, without compromising the beauty of Egypt. Shared Taxis (Minivans) or local buses can also be your go-to options, but they will take a little longer, especially during peak hours of the crowd. The other option can be flights. They can be surprisingly affordable for longer distances. To plan an affordable trip, keep an eye on the latest deals and discounts offered by different airlines. Advance booking is also a great tip to avoid peak tourist prices.

  1. Food that is filling!

Street Food or Local Restaurants: Try delicious and authentic Egyptian street food at a very affordable rate. Some of the amazing food options can be Koshari - a satisfying mix of pasta, lentils, tomato sauce and rice, Ful medames, a fava bean stew simmered with good spices served with pita bread, Falafel for a veg protein punch, mouthwatering fresh fruits and vegetables to balance your nutritional value. Apart from this, you can look out for the places frequented by locals (that will be your sign of deliciousness and affordability). The Menu will be in Arabic (mostly), but feel free to ask for help for better assistance & hospitality.

  1. Sightseeing that is worth watching!

Combo Tickets & Student ID Trick: The best way to save your money is to buy combo tickets that permits entry to various archaeological places. Egyptian Museum pass will help you get the discounted entry to Cairo Museum, a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. On the other hand, the Luxor Pass will you to the entrance to the Valley of the Kings, Luxor temple, Karnak temple, and many other places giving you significant savings compared to purchasing single tickets for each site. Negotiating is an everyday ritual in Egypt, particularly at markets and with taxi drivers (believe me, it will be a great fun experience ever, but be very generous). If you have a valid student ID, you might get some more discounts on the entry fees of various attractions in Egypt (depending upon the site and rules).


Some Must-know Tips!

  • Research, Plan & Action - While some of the agencies can be convenient for your pocket some can be very expensive. So do good research and plan your itinerary well to save big. For better planning, seek travel blogs, forums, videos, and budget-friendly travel agencies to create Best Egypt tour packages with a personalized itinerary that suits your pocket and interests. 

  • Don't fall for Shine - Do not let yourself fall into the trap of expensive tourist restaurants cuz the best Egyptian flavors are found on the local streets of Egypt. For the best of your savings, you will have to sacrifice your comfort zone to find the mix of spices and fresh ingredients that will leave you mouthwatering (#yedilmaangemore).

  • Do your homework well - Many historical places offer informative audio to navigate the sites at your own pace. You can find it cheaper than hiring a private guide at that time but do not waste your money. Instead, you can read multiple travel blogs and collect the core information about all historical sites before you leave for the trip to get all the info in your head.

  • Learn Some Arabic Phrases - Make sure to learn a few basic Arabic phrases like "How much?" - ("Bi-combien?"), "Thank you" ("Shukran"), and "Hello" ("Marhaba") to make your journey more enjoyable. Egyptians admire the effort, and you might even get more pleasing deals from merchants and taxi drivers. Though mobile phones are our go-to dictionaries, keeping a phrasebook can be handy for better communication.

  • Don't Rush, Keep it Slow - Don't force yourself to explore everything in a short span. Egypt is a land soaked in history and culture so take your time and explore everything at your own pace. This will give you a more authentic Egyptian experience.

  • Having Local Currency -  While some tourist facilities accept US dollars or Euros, carrying Egyptian pounds (EGP) for day-to-day expenses is always best. ATMs are available in main cities, but carrying some local currency on hand is helpful, particularly for small amount purchases and street sellers.

  • Expect the Unexpected - No matter how long we plan, nothing goes as per the plan in Egypt and that's the charm of this journey. Unexpected delays, detours, and language barriers will the part of your Egypt trip so keep your mindset ready and cool. Trust the process and enjoy the hurdles; it will definitely be a memorable travel experience for every Egypt budget tourist.

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Wondering How? Here is the checklist -

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